Mistwood PC Ebony Bell



TUA Farms SP Party Cruiser
SG Mustang Creek Jingle Bells 1*M
Sire's dam udder pics
Dam's udder pics

Thank you Jennifer Roden of GTO Ranch!

Used in our breeding program

  Sire's Sire: Old Mountain Farm Stag Party +*B   Dam's Sire: Caprikodas Iced Chiller
Sire: TUA Farms SP Party Cruiser Dam: SG Mustang Creek Jingle Bells 1*M
  Sire's Dam: Old Mountain Farm Teika   Dam's Dam: Poppy Patch BW Tattoo Sue

Bell's Extended Pedigree (opens in a new tab)

Breed: Nigerian Dwarf
Herd Book: Purebred
Gender: Doe
DOB: 03/05/2016
Nubian Percentage: 0%
Nigerian Percentage: 100.00%
Horns: Disbudded
Ears: Erect


Bell was purchased bred to Scout and as our very first delivery we allowed her to raise her kids on her own. Since we made this decision, we have no udder pics that are useful since she was never given the chance to fill up.

Prior to coming here, she had been bred close together so we also decided to give her the year off to give her a chance to recover.

We look forward to seeing her kids in 2020!


Bell’s Kidding History
Kidding Name Year Fresh Dam's Age at Breeding # of Bucks # of Does Kids Farm Bred At
Scout & Bell 201720171 03GTO Ranch
Scout & Bell 201820182 12GTO Ranch OMF Annabelle, GTO Ranch OMF Dash,
TY & Bell 202020203 00