Rocking Goat Farms Gypsy Rose



Wingwood Farm Lovin Timber *B
Pella's Triple C Ready or Not
Sire's dam udder pics
Dam's udder pics

Used in our breeding program

  Sire's Sire: SGCH Wingwood Farm Lucky Amadeus +*B   Dam's Sire: Sweet-Spring PM Marvel
Sire: Wingwood Farm Lovin Timber *B Dam: Pella's Triple C Ready or Not
  Sire's Dam: SGCH Wingwood Farm Playtime Teasel 10*M   Dam's Dam: Pella's Triple C Here I Come

Rose's Extended Pedigree (opens in a new tab)

Breed: Nubian
Herd Book: Purebred
Gender: Doe
DOB: 02/27/2017
Nubian Percentage: 100.00%
Nigerian Percentage: 0%
Horns: Disbudded
Ears: Pendulous


Rose has beautiful width to her udder…

Udder Pics

Rose’s Kidding History
Kidding Name Year Fresh Dam's Age at Breeding # of Bucks # of Does Kids Farm Bred At
Domino & Rose 201920192 11Bad Alibi