Sonflower Ranch’s Enlighten



Sonflower Ranch's Denver
Sonflower Ranch's Freeda
Sire's dam udder pics
Dam's udder pics

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Used in our breeding program

  Sire's Sire: Paw Paw Nin Chico   Dam's Sire: Echo Hill's Eric
Sire: Sonflower Ranch's Denver Dam: Sonflower Ranch's Freeda
  Sire's Dam: Sunflower Ranch's Deidre   Dam's Dam: Sonflower Ranch's Elvira

G6S Normal by testing

Breed: Mini-Nubian
Herd Book: Experimental
Gender: Doe
DOB: 05/24/2013
Nubian Percentage: 51.36%
Nigerian Percentage: 48.64%
Horns: Polled
Ears: Airplane
Generation: 5th
Special Characteristics: Polled and Blue Eyes


Enlighten has a smooth foreudder and her medial is superior to many of our other does but this is something we are always working to improve on. She has nice texture and orphice size to top it off but we will really be working on improving her side attachments.

Although by generation she would be in the American herdbook, since she has airplane ears, we have decided to “demote” her to the Experimental herdbook.


Udder Pics

Enlighten’s Kidding History at our Farm
Kidding Name Year Fresh Dam's Age at Breeding # of Bucks # of Does Kids Farm Bred At
Enlighten & Scout 201920195 02Bad Alibi
Scotch & Enlighten 202020206 00

Enlighten’s Important Files