TX Twincreeks CM Krystal



Piddlin Acres RS Chick Magnet *B
GCH TX Twincreeks G Kanika 2*M
Sire's dam udder pics
Dam's udder pics

Used in our breeding program

  Sire's Sire: Piddlin Acres BD Rick O Shay *B   Dam's Sire: Piddlin Acres BD Ginseng +*B
Sire: Piddlin Acres RS Chick Magnet *B Dam: GCH TX Twincreeks G Kanika 2*M
  Sire's Dam: GCH Piddlin Acres PM Sun Flower 1*M   Dam's Dam: SGCH Twincreeks Madamebutterfly 1*M

Breed: Nigerian Dwarf
Herd Book: Purebred
Gender: Doe
DOB: 08/19/2013
Nubian Percentage: 0%
Nigerian Percentage: 100.00%
Horns: Disbudded
Ears: Erect


Krystal won GCH in two rings at Red River Dairy Goat Associaion’s 2014 show as a dry yearling and won Best In Show.

In 2015 she produced 2.3#of milk asa first freshener but had 7.2% Butterfat! In 2017 she was producing 3.6# of milk and had 6.5% Butterfat.

Her sire was a *B and her dam was a 2*M as well as GCH (Finished Champion).



Udder Pics

Krystal’s Show History
Date Show Name Leg Type Awards Titles Awarded
05/17/2014 RED RIVER DAIRY GOAT ASSOCIATION Dry Grand and Best In Show