TY & Bell 2020



Fox Valley TY
Mistwood PC Ebony Bell

Sire Breeding Season # 1

Dam Freshening # 3

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Breed Info
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Purebred Nigerian Dwarf

Babies' Pedigree
Sire's Sire: CH Old Mountain Farm All Over It
Dam's Sire: TUA Farms SP Party Cruiser
Sire: Fox Valley TY
Dam: Mistwood PC Ebony Bell
Sire's Dam: Fox Valley Elsa 1*M
Dam's Dam: SG Mustang Creek Jingle Bells 1*M

After seeking advice from Eliya Elmquist from Green Gables Mini Nubians, we (and by we I mean she) advised that this pairing has a 50/50 chance of throwing either black or cou Clair. The sire can only pass on black. And the dam is Cou Claire carrying black so has a 50/50 chance of passing each of those on!

2 years in a row Bell delivered trips (3 does in 2017 and 2 does, 1 buck in 2018) and we are hoping this year yields the same. She usually has at least one Cou Clair and in 2018 she had one black doe.

Originally I purchased TY for this exact moment so to say that I am excited, is a severe understatement!

1 doe will be retained and POSSIBLY one buck if he is exactly what I am looking for!