GTO Ranch Ginger

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Breed: Mini-Nubian
Herd Book: American
DOB: 03/10/2015
Gender: Doe
Nubian: 53.97%
Nigerian: 46.03%
Ears: Pendulous 
Generation: 4th 


  Sire's Sire: Echo Hill's Rio Bravo +*B   Dam's Sire: VCH Echo Hill's GD Cassanova +B
Sire: Soaring Heart's Mal Maison *B Dam: Carpenter Ranch Ruby
  Sire's Dam: Soaring Heart's Rose Bonaparte *P   Dam's Dam: Carpenter Ranch Jewel



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Soaring Heart's Mal Maison *B
Carpenter Ranch Ruby
Sire's dam udder pics
Dam's udder pics

Ginger’s Kidding History
Kidding Name Year Fresh Dam's Age at Breeding # of Bucks # of Does Kids
Thunder & Ginger 2019 20193 03-001 1

Ginger’s Important Files