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Sunshine's Mask of Zorro

SOLD 2021

Goat , Mini Nubian , Buck (male) |F3 (American)

MDGA# AMN10490 | DOB: 4/11/2019

Sire: Green Gables Thunder Struck *B

SOLD 2019

Green Gables Thunder Struck *B

Mini Nubian Buck (male) F3

MDGA# AMN07256 DOB: 5/28/20175 yrs
Thunder earned his star from his parents. His dam earned her star from butterfat content alone! We retained so many of his kids that we decided to let him move on and help other herds so in 2019 he moved to Blessed Quiver Farm
  | MDGA# AMN07256 | F3
Dam: GTO Ranch Ginger


GTO Ranch Ginger

Mini Nubian Sr. Doe (female) F4

TMGR# 302013681AM,& nbsp;MDGA# AMN06479 DOB: 3/10/20157 yrs
Ginger came to us from GTO Ranch in milk in 2018 after having a singleton buck in 2018 as a 2nd freshener. We bred her to Thunder Struck in the fall of 2018 where she produced 2 does and 1 buck. In 2019 we weren't really challenging any of the does as we were still learning ourselves but Ginger was giving 3.8 pounds of milk and 4.14% butterfat at 112 days fresh. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we were unable to breed Ginger in 2019 or 2020 but are really excited to see what the upcoming ...
  | TMGR# 302013681AM, MDGA# AMN06479 | F4
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Health Records
Date Procedure Details/Notes
10/9/2021Finance - Left the Farm
2:00 PM 
Purchase Terms

Bad Alibi Dairy Goats will only sell goats in pairs unless you already have goats. Goats are herd animals and need companions. We sell our goats for showing, milking or pets. We care a great deal about our goats and want them to have happy, healthy homes. All goats are disbudded by a vet under mild sedation with local anesthesia and vaccinated for CD/T before leaving.

Every animal will come to you will freshly trimmed hooves, a dose of probios and vitamin b complex to help them deal with the stress of moving to a new home. We also will provide you with a few days of food/milk to help them acclimate to your feeding program.

Please click here for full details and our complete policy.

Updated 10/9/2021