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GTO Ranch Nighthawk


Goat , Mini Nubian , Buck (male) |F6

DOB: 2/23/2018 (5 yrs)

Sire: B-52's Scout

SOLD 2021

B-52's Scout

Mini Nubian Buck (male) F6

MDGA# MN06478,& nbsp;TMGR# 302010438 DOB: 5/14/20158 yrs
  | MDGA# MN06478, TMGR# 302010438 | F6
Dam: GTO Ranch Jet *P/*D


GTO Ranch Jet *P/*D

Mini Nubian Sr. Doe (female) F5

MDGA# AMN06484,& nbsp;TMGR# DN000302011142 DOB: 6/14/20167 yrs
  | MDGA# AMN06484, TMGR# DN000302011142 | F5
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NightHawk was bred here in Colorado by GTO Ranch (even though I now own both his dam and sire) and spent his days grazing and breeding at SizeMatters Microranch until 2021 when he moved out of state to work at a new farm!

You can see many more pictures, and details on "Hawk" by visiting

Praise for Nighthawk at SizeMatters Microranch:
Born 2-23-18, small frame, official height 27.5″ at 2 years. Nighthawk has been brought in since our other current bucklings will be too young to breed to the yearlings. He brings so many strengths to the herd. His compact frame will keep size down and his loooong ears and roman nose will keep improving our breed character. His dam and sire’s dam have beautifully attached udders and great teat size and placement. To top it off, he’s got blue eyes and is covered in moonspots! We look forward to working all these fabulous qualities into our herd. Nighthawk did well at our 2019 Mile High Mile Milkers Show, coming in 3rd among Senior bucks – behind Reserve Grand Champion Blackberry’s Phantom and Grand Champion GTO Ranch Starbuck (Nighthawk’s paternal half-brother). [...]
Hawk’s work here is done, and as of May 29th, 2021 he is working for Eveland Farms in Oregon."

-Megan Archer

Praise for Nighthawk at the 2019 TMGR Online Caprine Conformation Clinic:
"This upstanding yearling buck exhibits strength and power while maintaining dairy qualities. He exhibits flat, flinty bone and angularity throughout. He has a deep chest and heart girth with well-sprung fore ribs that increase into the flank allowing for body capacity adequate for a buck his age. When viewed from the side, he stands on front legs that are squarely set and rear legs that are well-angled through the stifle and nearly perpendicular from hock to pastern, with strong pasterns and feet with soles that are nearly perpendicular from toe to heel."

-Evaluator Jean Harrison
Scientific Data
Date Details/Notes
Height: 27.5″ at 2 years

Updated 10/2/2023