Bash’s girls

  • Bash & Memphis

    Bash & Memphis

    Memphis is one of my favorite girls but she needs some help in the rump department which is why Sebastian was the ideal pairing for her! He will also help improve on the teet shape that she might have inherited from her dam.


  • Bash & Moxie

    Bash & Moxie

    Moxie has many of the features we look for in our foundation does. She is long and feminine, with smooth blending from her neck into her shoulders, she is deep in depth and wide over the top line and from thurl to thurl. Bash will improve on her attachments and breed character.


  • Bash & Phoebe

    Bash & Phoebe

    We paired Phoebe and Sebastian because he will compliment all of the attributes we love about her. They both have such wonderful characteristics we may retain a kid from this pairing!