Sr Does

  • B-52’s Dottie *D

    B-52’s Dottie *D

    5th Generation American Mini-Nubian


  • Bifrost Farms Amber *P

    Bifrost Farms Amber *P

    3rd Generation American Mini-Nubian


  • Bit O’ Bliss G Easter Lily *P

    Bit O’ Bliss G Easter Lily *P

    2nd Generation Experimental Mini-Nubian


  • Carpenter Ranch Montana Sunset *D

    Carpenter Ranch Montana Sunset *D

    6th generation Purebred Mini-Nubian


  • GTO Ranch Ginger

    GTO Ranch Ginger

    American Mini-Nubian


  • GTO Ranch Jet

    GTO Ranch Jet

    5th generation American Mini-Nubian


  • SG South-Fork High Taffeta 6*M (Elite 2020)

    SG South-Fork High Taffeta 6*M (Elite 20

    Taffeta has a lovely udder, high and wide in the rear with a smooth, extended fore and good teat size and placement. And does she milk! Starting her 2nd freshening lactation at a whopping 17# contributed heavily to her earning her 2020 ELITE status!


  • South Fork AV Cee Cee

    South Fork AV Cee Cee

    Cee Cee is one really fancy girl with lots of style!! She is long and level over the topline with a wide, flat rump. She stands on strong feet and legs and has tremendous width in the escutcheon. Cee was JRCH Champion and BJDIS her first time out this season we were so excited! But…