Fox Valley TY

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Breed: Nigerian Dwarf
Herd Book: Purebred
DOB: 02/16/2018
Gender: Buck


  Sire's Sire: Old Mountain Farm Oliver Again *B   Dam's Sire: Old Mountain Farm AnimalCracka
Sire: Old Mountain Farm All Over It Dam: Fox Valley Elsa 1*M
  Sire's Dam: Old Mountain Farm Natasha   Dam's Dam: Fox Valley LG Allison



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Old Mountain Farm All Over It
Fox Valley Elsa 1*M
Sire's dam udder pics
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TY’s dam did very well in her 2018 Linear Appraisal and in the areas she needed improvement, the buck she was paired with excelled in those areas WITHOUT taking any loss in the other areas!

The characteristics that I can see that need improvement just by looking at the linear appraisal on TY’s dam are her scores on  her head,  shoulder assembly, and feet. However TY’s sire should improve these since his score was higher in all of these areas except for the head. Not that a + is a bad score, but those were the lowest areas of either animal so therefore, an area that could be improved on.

The 2019 mean (average – all scores divided by the number of participating animals) for the final score was 86 so both of TY’s parent’s ranked higher than the average final score as a whole. I could break it down further but I think my viewer’s are getting bored of all my numbers so let’s move onto production.

Elsa (TY’s Dam) gave 660# of milk in 2018 starting off with 4.4# in month 1 and finished off in month 7 with 2.2#. However, her butterfat peaked at 8% in month 7 and started at 4.7% in month 1.

Natasha (TY’s paternal grand-dam) was only on milk test in her 1st month of freshening (28 days fresh) but she gave 4.5# and had 5.1% butterfat. My PREDICTION is she would have finished somewhere in the same range as Elsa based on their first month production.


TY’s Kidding History
Kidding Name Year Fresh Dam's Age at Breeding # of Bucks # of Does Kids
TY & Annabelle 20201 0 0
TY & Rose 20203 0 0
TY & Bell 20203 0 0
TY & Katie 2020 20203 0 1