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2018 Kids

SOLD 2021
| Kid (female) | F1

SOLD 2021
| Buck (male) | F1 - Moonspots

Dash is a stunning buck that could improve on conformation, general appearance, and size in your herd. He is a sturdy buck that demonstrates a nice long, lean neck that smoothly blends into his withers. That length continues throughout his barrel which has exceptional width and a nice crisp brisket. In his shaved picture you can see that he has the ideal 25 degree rump angle (you can see other images by clicking on the brochure link above), which is level from thurl to thurl and is long from hip to pins. He exhibits correct rear leg angulation and width between the hocks and stands on nice strong legs and pasterns. I would encourage you to look at the brochure link to see other images including any siblings or half-siblings to get an idea of the udders in Dash's pedigree as well!