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Sonflower Ranch's Gia *D


Goat , Mini Nubian , Doe (female) |F7

TMGR# 302012154AM, MDGA# MN04329 | DOB: 6/15/2014 (8 yrs)

Sire: Sonflower Ranch's Freckles


Sonflower Ranch's Freckles

Mini Nubian Buck (male)

Dam: Sonflower Ranch's Freeda


Sonflower Ranch's Freeda

Mini Nubian Doe (female)

MDGA# MN02902 DOB: 
  | MDGA# MN02902
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Photos of Gia's udder progression

Gia's Kidding History

2016: at least 1 buck (Jupiter @SFR)
2018: 1 Doe (@SFR - see Gia's 2018 Doe below)
2019: 2 bucks (Harley & Thor)
2020: N/A (didn't breed)
2021: N/A (didn't breed)
2022: Due March 27, 2022

Gia has a very sweet personality and has the biggest crush on my husband. She loves getting pets but seeks him out following him wherever he goes trying to give him kisses!

She is a large doe with body capacity and very nice breed character. Her roman nose could compete with her standard counterparts and her ears are long (although I am hoping to improve on the shape of them).

That being said, my main focus is on improving her uddder qualities. She has lovely texture and production which earned her 1-Day milk star in 2019 through TMGR with 6.13% butterfat and 4.3 lbs of milk at 185 days fresh! The body of her udder is longer than I prefer and her escutcheon could be higher. She does possess good medial attachments showing two separate sides and has the ideal shape in the udder floor. Her teats have acceptable length but I am striving to improve on the diameter of these teats.

Gia has enough good qualities that I think she is worth keeping in my breeding plan as long as the less-desirable traits prove to be easy to improve on.

Scientific Data
Date Details/Notes
06/19/2018Height: 27"
11/18/2019G6S NORMAL by Testing (see DNA)
Health Records
Date Procedure Details/Notes
3/5/2022Vaccination - CDT
CDT 2cc (SQ)
5:00 PM 
left shoulder
1/3/2022Exam/Test - Ultrasound
10:00 AM 
(Davis) Confirmed 1+
10/28/2021Breeding - Heat
8:00 AM 
8:00 AM 
Bred to Aki
3/19/2021Supplements - Copper
Purchase Terms

Possibly retaining doe
Not retaining any bucks

Updated 8/18/2022