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Sunshine's Blair


Goat , Mini Nubian , Jr. Doe (female) |F7; blue eyes

TMGR# 302012938, MDGA# MN10348 | DOB: 3/23/2019 (5 yrs)

Sire: Sonflower Ranch's Grover

SOLD 2019

Sonflower Ranch's Grover

Mini Nubian Buck (male) F6

MDGA# MN07303 DOB: 5/22/20177 yrs
Grover has beautiful breed character, his lovely nose and ears start his conformation in the right direction. He is more rumpy than I prefer which is why in the end, we allowed him to find a new herd. That being said, we retained several kids from him and that attribute has been easily improved upon. His kids have wonderful textured udders, and several of them are on track to earning their production stars as first fresheners in the 2021 milking season! Unfortunately, Grover passed away at ...
  | MDGA# MN07303 | F6
Dam: Carpenter Ranch Montana Sunset *D


Carpenter Ranch Montana Sunset *D

Mini Nubian Sr. Doe (female) F6

MDGA# MN05935,& nbsp;TMGR# DN000302012155AM DOB: 3/15/20168 yrs
  | MDGA# MN05935, TMGR# DN000302012155AM | F6
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Blair is a stunning doe with a great personality!


Blair has an attractive framework that showcases her femininity. She is slightly taller at withers than at the hips but I do wish she had a more defined brisket.

“Back and Rump—strong and straight with well defined vertebrae throughout and slightly uphill to withers; level chine with full crops into a straight, wide loin; wide hips smoothly set and level with back; strong rump which is uniformly wide and nearly level from hips to pinbones and thurl to thurl; thurls set two-thirds of the distance from hips to pinbones; well defined and wide pinbones set slightly lower than the hips; tailhead slightly above and smoothly set between pinbones; tail ymmetrical to body and free from coarseness; vulva should be normal in size and shape in females (normal sheath and testes in males)

Blair's Kidding History

2021: 2 bucks
2022: 1 buck, 1 Doe
Scientific Data
Date Details/Notes
G6S Normal by parentage (see parent's page)
03/23/2019Birth Weight: 3 lbs, 0 oz
06/18/2021Height: 24.75 " @02-05
Health Records
Date Procedure Details/Notes
12/9/2022Disease Testing - CAE (Blood)
Negative (2022 Herd CAE & Johnes)
1/3/2022Exam/Test - Ultrasound
6:00 AM | 72 lbs 
(Davis) Confirmed 1+
6:00 AM 
Bred to Sanndy C Ranch Smokin Joe
11/15/2021Disease Testing - CAE (Blood)
None Detected - November 2021 CAE
6/7/2021Other - Tattoo
5/30/2021Disease Testing - CAE (Blood)
Negative (June 2021 Herd CAE & Johnes )
5/30/2021Disease Testing - Johne’s (Fecal)
Negative (June 2021 Johnes Pool )
4/5/2021Delivery - Gestation count
9:00 AM 
153 days (2 bucks)
3/31/2021Pregnancy - Selenium
Bose 2cc (SQ)
Right shoulder
12/22/2020Disease Testing - Johne’s (Fecal)
Negative (2020 Herd Johnes - Blood & Fecal )
Bred to BCF Legacy's RRBB Lord Sebastian
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Updated 1/23/2024