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GTO Ranch Blackberry *D

SOLD 2021

Goat , Mini Nubian , Sr. Doe (female) |F6

TMGR# 302011385PB, MDGA# MN06481 | DOB: 3/14/2016

Sire: Green Gables Mojo +*B


Green Gables Mojo +*B

Mini Nubian Buck (male) F5

MDGA# AMN04410 DOB: 2/10/20148 yrs
Mojo's birth info: Sire: Green Gables 2014 Kids
  | MDGA# AMN04410 | F5
Dam: Cypress Valley Dixie


Cypress Valley Dixie

Mini Nubian Doe (female)

MDGA# MN03694 DOB: 
  | MDGA# MN03694
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Photos of Blackberry's udder progression

Blackberry's Kidding History

More info on kids can be found at the bottom of this page

2017: 1 buck (GTO Ranch Licorice)
2018: 2 does (GTO Ranch Sacagawea & ?)
2019: 3 Does (Sunshine's Anastasia, Dixie, & Patches)
2020: 4 bucks (Bad Alibi's DOA, Piggy, Skinny, & Ferdinand)
2021: N/A

Scientific Data
Date Details/Notes
03/14/2016G6S Normal by parentage (see parent's page)
06/19/2018Height: 23.75" @02-03
Health Records
Date Procedure Details/Notes
11/12/2021Finance - Left the Farm
6:00 AM 
11/12/2021Exam/Test - CVI
6:00 AM 
6:00 AM 
Bred to Sunshine's Cowboy (4 bucks)

Milk Star (TMGR) - *D

Purchase Terms

Bad Alibi Dairy Goats will only sell goats in pairs unless you already have goats. Goats are herd animals and need companions. We sell our goats for showing, milking or pets. We care a great deal about our goats and want them to have happy, healthy homes. All goats are disbudded by a vet under mild sedation with local anesthesia and vaccinated for CD/T before leaving.

Every animal will come to you will freshly trimmed hooves, a dose of probios and vitamin b complex to help them deal with the stress of moving to a new home. We also will provide you with a few days of food/milk to help them acclimate to your feeding program.

Please click here for full details and our complete policy.

Updated 2/16/2022