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Bad Alibi's CB Too Marvelous

SOLD 2020

Goat , Mini Nubian , First Freshener (female)

DOB: 5/20/2020

Sire: Sunshine's Cowboy

SOLD 2022

Sunshine's Cowboy

Mini Nubian Buck (male) F1

MDGA# XN10492,& nbsp;TMGR# BN000302012186 DOB: 5/29/20193 yrs
Cowboy is such a great attribute to our herd! Originally we really wanted some new lines in the mini world that weren't heavily used already so we purchased Cowboy's dam Rose and his sire Domino. Rose has lovely attachments and texture making her a dream to milk paired with our Nigerian buck who brought excellent milking lines and was a stout, sturdy buck which we felt would make excellent offspring! Cowboy is one of the twins we got from this pairing, and just had to retain. Actually ...
  | MDGA# XN10492, TMGR# BN000302012186 | F1
Dam: Sonflower Ranch's Gertie


Sonflower Ranch's Gertie

Mini Nubian Sr. Doe (female) F7; Polled

TMGR# 302012193AM,& nbsp;MDGA# MN07444p DOB: 4/7/20175 yrs

Photos of Gertie's udder progression

Gertie's Kidding History

2021: N/A 2020: 2 does (Marvelous, Poppy) 2019: 1 buck, 1 doe (Orion, Sunflower) 2018 - 1 Doe (at Sonflower Ranch)
  | TMGR# 302012193AM, MDGA# MN07444p | F7; Polled
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Marvel resides at BCF Legacy and her owner said this about her after her first freshening in May of 2021:
We are in LOVE with this tiny mama! She’s so dainty, petite, but has some amazing udder attachments, texture, and BIG orifices!
She kidded a single buckling shortly before her first birthday, she wasn’t too sure of what to do with her baby for a bit, but that didn’t last long and she quickly became the ultimate 'Helicopter Mom!'
With her phenomenal udder attachments and dainty size, I feel she is going to be a big asset here at the farm!

You can get updated information on Marvel and her life at BCF Legacy by clicking the button that says "Brochure" above!

2021 Summer V-Show [Judge: James Oller]

The 1st place doe is very eye appealing and balanced in her general appearance. In terms of mammary she is advantaged in rear udder height and width, good extension in the fore udder, and overall balance and symmetry of the halves. She shows excellent breed characteristics and has the advantage in body capacity for her age.

2021 Summer V-Show [Judge: Lavina Allen]

Entry A over Entry C in General Appearance. Entry A is wider between the hocks with a higher more rounded escutcheon area, in the topline she has smoother blending of the neck into the withers and in Body Capacity she is deeper in the heart girth and barrel. In the Mammary System she is has a more capacious globular udder with visible lateral attachments, more teat diameter and more desirable teat placement on the udder floor.

Updated 11/11/2021