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South-Fork KVCC Zion

Goat , LaMancha , Buck (male)

ADGA# L002020152 | DOB: 3/18/2019 (3 yrs)

Dam: South-Fork AV Cee Cee

South-Fork AV Cee Cee

LaMancha Sr. Doe (female)

ADGA# L1799321 DOB: 4/4/20166 yrs
Cee Cee is one of those girls for me, I just adore her. As soon as I enter the barn she is up on the fence giving me the "I know you want to give me cookies" eyes. When I try to instead give her pets, she throws her head back like I am crazy if I think I am going to touch her head (with no cookies). However, once I enter the pen she will follow me anywhere being the sweet girl that I know and love. She watches whatever it is I am working on or doing trying to figure out why her crazy human is do ...
  | ADGA# L1799321
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Updated 4/5/2022