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GTO Ranch Fergie *P


Goat , Mini Nubian , Doe (female)

Sire: Green Gables Mojo +*B


Green Gables Mojo +*B

Mini Nubian Buck (male) F5

MDGA# AMN04410 DOB: 2/10/201410 yrs
Mojo's birth info: Sire: Green Gables 2014 Kids
  | MDGA# AMN04410 | F5
Dam: Sonflower Ranch's Fancy


Sonflower Ranch's Fancy

Mini Nubian Doe (female)

FOR REFERENCE ONLY [Fancy was...] born 05/21/12, 25″ (unofficial measurement), medium build. Fancy is a handsome, mature doe with incredible depth, width and an outstanding brisket. She was an unplanned addition to Size Matters, but I am so glad to have her here. She is a deep chestnut color with white splashes and frosted ears. She has blue eyes! She is Dena’s paternal half-sister and has many of the same qualities. She also has a kidding history full of triplets! She has great udder capacit ...
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Affectionately known at Happy Hippie Homestead as "Willow", they sing praises for her on their website by saying: "Willow is such a great goat!
As always, we must notice those ears! So stunning!
She has amazing body capacity, allowing for lots of room for babies and nourishment (to sustain milk production). Her and her sire have milk stars, so she has great milking lines behind her! This milk test (at 46 days fresh) she gave 9.30 pounds of milk with 9.09% milk fat! Thats is nothing short of amazing!

When I bought her, she was in milk but I quickly dried her up to let her have her body to herself. She was thin and I couldn't get weight on her while she was still making milk. Her second freshening was much more productive. I worried that I may have set a bad precedent for her lactation cycle by drying her up early in her first freshening (this is a theory that I believe in) but she proved me wrong.

Willow has wonderful breed character and I feel very blessed to have her in our herd. She adds wonderful things to the Mini-Nubian world with her Roman nose, beautiful pendulous ears, nice wide body, beautiful round udder with large (easy to milk) teats, amazing production and very high milk fat (over 9%).
She has kidded three times now; once with a beautiful single doeling (2018) then with triplet bucklings (2019) and triplets again (2 doelings and 1 buckling) in 2020. It's also worth noting that she is a wonderful mother who has dam raised all of her kids on her own. She is very protective and does a wonderful job of making sure her kids are well fed and taken care of.

Willow has moved on to a new farm and I have retained one of her daughters, Hazelnut." - Kelsey Patsky (Happy Hippie Homestead)
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09/17/2018G6S Normal by parentage (see parent's page)

Updated 10/2/2023