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Sonflower Ranch's Gloria


Goat , Mini Nubian , Doe (female)

Dam: Sonflower Ranch's Frenzy

SOLD 2019

Sonflower Ranch's Frenzy

Mini Nubian Sr. Doe (female) F6

MDGA# MN03604 DOB: 5/14/201311 yrs
  | MDGA# MN03604 | F6
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"Born 04/11/16, Size Medium, wide; 26.5″*. Gloria is long, dairy and deep. Everything about her screams “DAIRY”. She has nice loose skin, flat bones, lovely angularity and the classic dairy “wedge” when viewed from the side and the top. She has a well-attached udder with smaller-sized teats. She has excellent breed character with long pendulous ears and a strong roman nose. Her milk supply was mediocre last year, but she is now producing about a half gallon/day. Her dam is now a gallon/day milker, so Gloria should improve considerably with her next freshening. She is friendly, but her poor goat social skills put her at the bottom of the pecking order. Her antics have earned her a small but loyal following on Facebook." - Megan Archer (SizeMatters Microranch)

Kidding History:
2017: Singleton
2018: twin doelings

See her complete profile at SizeMatters Microranch
Scientific Data
Date Details/Notes
05/27/2015G6S Normal by parentage (see parent's page)

Updated 10/2/2023