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Bad Alibi's MA Mirio


Goat , LaMancha , Buck (male)

ADGA# PL2301123 | DOB: 3/11/2022 (2 yrs)

Sire: South-Fork SD Main Attraction *B (pending)

South-Fork SD Main Attraction *B (pending)

LaMancha Buck (male)

ADGA# L2092742 DOB: 4/10/20204 yrs
"Manny" came here as a buckling in 2020 along with his dam and littermate. His dam was suffering from what her owner suspected as acidosis so we knew her production numbers would not be to her full potential that year. Taking into consideration those factors, I don't think she did too bad! Feel free to check out her most up to date info by viewing her page! Manny's Dam More Details
  | ADGA# L2092742
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Naming Background

Aslyn loves anime and many of our herd is named after characters from a show called "My Hero Academia". Mirio is said to be a tall young man with a very muscular build who possesses an extremely goofy and very energetic personality.

Mirio is known for his odd sense of humor. His jokes range from corny to puerile, occasionally making a fool of himself for the sake of others' enjoyment.

Mirio does not allow his laid-back nature to cloud his judgment or impede his dreams of becoming a hero. He has proven to be an extremely hard worker, turning a near-unmasterable ability into one of the world's most powerful Quirks. Mirio is constantly looking for ways to improve his skills and tries to work toward his goals by accumulating different experiences to learn from them.

We thought that this guy possessed many of these attributes and were great traits to have in a buck as well so it came to be!

Mirio Togata

Health Records
Date Procedure Details/Notes
9/14/2023Supplements - Copper
Copper bolus 4g (Oral)
7/13/2023Supplements - Copper
Copper bolus 4g
4:00 PM 
12/9/2022Disease Testing - CAE (Blood)
Negative (2022 Herd CAE & Johnes)
6/6/2022Kid Care - Disbudding
Scur removal - Dr Davis
3/19/2022Kid Care - Disbudding
Dr Davis
3:00 PM | 7.6 lbs 

Updated 10/2/2023