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Bad Alibi's TW Penny Lane


Goat , LaMancha , Dry Yearling (female) |P23

ADGA# L002252651 | DOB: 3/29/2022 (1 yr)  | Due Date: 3/20/2024

Sire: Prairie Ridge TB Twice

Prairie Ridge TB Twice

LaMancha Buck (male)

ADGA# L2204088 Deceased
  | ADGA# L2204088
Dam: South-Fork MR Cheer

South-Fork MR Cheer

LaMancha Jr. Doe (female)

ADGA# L2092191 DOB: 3/30/20203 yrs

  | ADGA# L2092191


Bad Alibi's MA Mirio

LaMancha Buck (male)

ADGA# PL2301123 DOB: 3/11/20221 yr

Naming Background

Aslyn loves anime and many of our herd is named after characters from a show called "My Hero Academia". Mirio is said to be a tall young man with a very muscular build who possesses an extremely goofy and very energetic personality. Mirio is known for his odd sense of humor. His jokes range from corny to puerile, occasionally making a fool of himself for the sake of others' enjoyment. Mirio does not allow his laid-back nature to cloud his judgment or ...
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Health Records
Date Procedure Details/Notes
9/20/2023Supplements - Copper
Copper bolus 4g (Oral)
3:30 PM 
8/30/2023Other - Tattoo
2:30 PM 
P23 (Tattooed by Tiffany Hunter)
12/9/2022Disease Testing - CAE (Blood)
Negative (2022 Herd CAE & Johnes)
4/8/2022Kid Care - Disbudding
Disbudded by Dr Davis
2:30 PM | 7 lbs 
2:30 PM | 7 lbs 

Updated 10/22/2023