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Goat Trails Pull The Trigger *B/*S


Goat , Mini Nubian , Buck (male)

DOB: 1/31/2020 (4 yrs)

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UPDATE: Unfortunately, Trigger has developed wry-face. No evidence points to this being genetic, but to be on the safe side, he will be used sparingly for breeding this fall and then wethered. He will be fulfilling his destiny at the Flying Horse Foundation’s farm program for youth.

Born January 31st, 2020; wide, and should be medium-sized. This boy comes to us from Texas after we waited for this breeding for over a year! He is polled with stunning conformation, a broad roman nose and luxurious ears. He already closely resembles his grandsire, Goat Trail’s Winston, and inherits heavy milking genes from both parents. His dam has a soft, socked on udder with long teats and large orifices.
- Size Matters Microranch
Trigger's time while at Size Matters Microranch

Updated 10/2/2023