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Doe-Z-Goats JOB Saige

Goat , LaMancha , Dry Yearling (female)

ADGA# L002224961 | DOB: 3/22/2022 (1 yr)  | Due Date: 3/2/2024

Sire: GCH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Once You Go Blak +*B


GCH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Once You Go Blak +*B

LaMancha Buck (male) FS88 (VEV ) @ 01-04

ADGA# L001849200 DOB: 3/6/20176 yrs
  | ADGA# L001849200 | FS88 (VEV ) @ 01-04
Dam: Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Sydney

Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Sydney

LaMancha Doe (female)

ADGA# L002074282 DOB: 2/17/20203 yrs
  | ADGA# L002074282


Bad Alibi's MI Viggo

LaMancha Kid (male)

ADGA#  DOB: 5/5/2023Under 1 yr

Naming Background

Aslyn is obsessed with the TV show "How To Train A Dragon" and many of our LaManchas are named after characters from this show. Viggo is no exception to this rule. Meet Viggo
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Saige's life before arriving here and more images can be found at Doe-Z-Goats

Health Records
Date Procedure Details/Notes
11:30 AM 
Bred to Bad Alibi's MI Viggo (QUESTIONABLE)
9/21/2023Supplements - Copper
Copper bolus 4g (Oral)
6:30 PM 
12/9/2022Disease Testing - CAE (Blood)
Negative (2022 Herd CAE & Johnes)
10/14/2022Other - Microchip
6:00 AM 
10/14/2022Other - Tattoo
6:00 AM 
Tattooed by Courtney Newman - LCA, P13
10/14/2022Finance - Purchase 2022
Purchased from Doe-Z-Goats
7/10/2022Vaccination - CDT
CDT 2cc (SQ)
6:00 AM 
6:00 AM 
5 days
6/11/2022Vaccination - CDT
CDT 2cc (SQ)
6:00 AM 
6:00 AM 
5 days
5/8/2022Vaccination - CDT
CDT 2cc (SQ)
6:00 AM 
6:00 AM 
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Updated 10/23/2023