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SASH's Hercules

SOLD 2022

Goat , Mini Nubian , Buck (male) |F6; Blue Eyes

MDGA# MN09376 | DOB: 1/27/2019

Sire: B-52's Scout

SOLD 2021

B-52's Scout

Mini Nubian Buck (male) F6

MDGA# MN06478,& nbsp;TMGR# 302010438 DOB: 5/14/20157 yrs
  | MDGA# MN06478, TMGR# 302010438 | F6
Dam: GTO Ranch Jet *P/*D


GTO Ranch Jet *P/*D

Mini Nubian Sr. Doe (female) F5

MDGA# AMN06484,& nbsp;TMGR# DN000302011142 DOB: 6/14/20166 yrs

Photos of Jet's udder progression

Jet's Kidding History

2018: 1 buck 2019: 1 buck, 1 Doe 2020: 1 buck, 1 Doe 2021: 2 bucks 2022: 2 does, 1 buck
What can I say about Jet? She is probably my favorite mini doe I have and I can sing praises for her all day long! Let's start ...
  | MDGA# AMN06484, TMGR# DN000302011142 | F5
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Herc's dam has her milk star through both MDGA and TMGR, but since his sire's dam died the year Scout was born we don't have data on her production.

Please take a look at his paternal siblings to get an idea of the udders he will throw as well as his dam!

Photos of Jet's (Herc's dam) udder progression

Photos of Farrah's (Herc's paternal half sister) udder progression

Photos of Skye's (Herc's paternal half sister) udder progression (very lopsided)

Scientific Data
Date Details/Notes
01/27/2019Birth Weight: 4 lbs, 1 oz
01/27/2019G6S Normal by parentage
Health Records
Date Procedure Details/Notes
4/16/2022Finance - Left the Farm
5:00 PM 
7/1/2019Other - Tattoo
6:00 AM 
Tattooed by Keith Gunn Jr.

Updated 10/17/2022