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Opus 7 Farm SP Phoebe


Goat , Mini Nubian , Jr. Doe (female) |F4

TMGR# 3022012716AM, MDGA# AMN09632 | DOB: 2/6/2019 (3 yrs)  | Due Date: 3/23/2023

Sire: Blackberry's BH Phantom *B


Blackberry's BH Phantom *B

Mini Nubian Buck (male)

TMGR# BN000302010442AM ,& nbsp;MDGA# AMN08155 DOB: 3/11/20184 yrs
Currently Phantom resides at The Happy Hippie Homestead and they sing the following praises of him: "I'm going to start off.... AGAIN... with the ears. I mean, come on, can they get any cuter!? In fact, can any part of Phantom get any cuter? Let me tell you about what you can't see from these photos. I'll start with his personality. You can't see how he gently nibbles my thumb every time I go to pet him. Or how ...
  | TMGR# BN000302010442AM , MDGA# AMN08155
Dam: JC's Soleille *P/*D


JC's Soleille *P/*D

Mini Nubian Doe (female)

TMGR# DN000302011363AM ,& nbsp;MDGA# AMN07678 DOB: 7/10/20175 yrs
  | TMGR# DN000302011363AM , MDGA# AMN07678


BCF Legacy's RRBB Lord Sebastian

Mini Nubian Buck (male) F2

MDGA# XN11141 DOB: 2/12/20202 yrs
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Photos of Phoebe's udder progression

Phoebe's Kidding History

2021: 1 buck (Timber)

In my opinion, Phoebe is one of my most correct does. She has a nice level topline with her withers being slightly taller than her hips, she has smooth blending from her neck into her withers and through her chine. Her loin has perfect width and her rump has an ideal angle. She exhibits nice width from thurl to thurl and her hocks line up with her pin bones providing the desired rear angulation.

For being such a TINY baby weighing just over 1lb, she has matured into a beauty with the femininity you want in a doe but also is the perfect illustration of refinement.

Her lines are slow to mature in the production department but like a fine wine, she will continue to get better with time. As a first freshener, Phoebe looks to have a nice foredduer with satisfactory forward extension for this stage in lactation. Her rear udder is seems to be equally wide at the top when she is in her peak lactation as it is at the base and has nice division of sides which is thanks to her medial suspensory ligament. I would like to improve on the placement of her teats as well as their shape (even though I don’t mind this shape at all for milking).

She is (as expected), not a huge producer but makes up for this in orphice size and texture. On test she averages about 3lbs daily which will leave her a little shy of earning her milk star in 2021 but we will continue on test in the coming years and look forward to her and her udder reaching full maturity!
Scientific Data
Date Details/Notes
G6S Normal by parentage (see parent's page)
08/25/2021Height: 23" @02-06
Health Records
Date Procedure Details/Notes
12/9/2022Exam/Test - Ultrasound
6:00 AM 
CSU - 2
6:00 AM 
bred to Bash
1/3/2022Exam/Test - Ultrasound
10:00 AM | 77 lbs 
(Davis) Confirmed 2-3
6:00 AM 
Bred to Sanndy C Ranch Smokin Joe
9/26/2021Breeding - Heat
6/7/2021Other - Tattoo
07F L3
6/1/2021Disease Testing - Johne’s (Blood)
None Detected
6/1/2021Disease Testing - CAE (Blood)
None Detected
3/7/2021Wither Height
21" @02-01
2/8/2021Vaccination - CDT
CDT 2cc (SQ)
11:00 AM 
left shoulder
2/8/2021Pregnancy - Selenium
11:00 AM 
2 cc BOSE (right shoulder)
Bred to BCF Legacy's RRBB Lord Sebastian (Due: 2/26/2021)

Fall 2019 V-Show Grace Troy (Judge)

[...] advantage in general appearance. She is more nearly level from hips to pins and longer in bone pattern. She also has the advantage in dairy strength. She is longer in neck and has a cleaner-cut throat.

Fall 2019 V-Show Lorelei Hallock (Judge)

[...] overall width. She is longer and wider in the loin and rump when viewed from the top and wider when viewed from the front and rear.
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possibly retain a doe
Not retaining bucks

Updated 12/14/2022