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Blackberry's BH Phantom *B


Goat , Mini Nubian , Buck (male)

TMGR# BN000302010442AM , MDGA# AMN08155 | DOB: 3/11/2018 (6 yrs)

Sire: Blackberry's Houdini +*B/*S


Blackberry's Houdini +*B/*S

Mini Nubian Buck (male)

DOB: 2/28/20177 yrs
Visit Green Eggers Farm (CA Blackberry's Goat Herd) for all of Houdini's achievements!
Dam: Grape Creeks Dolcetta ​*P/*D


Grape Creeks Dolcetta ​*P/*D

Mini Nubian Doe (female)

Dolcetta while at Opus 7 Farm
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Currently Phantom resides at The Happy Hippie Homestead and they sing the following praises of him:

"I'm going to start off.... AGAIN... with the ears. I mean, come on, can they get any cuter!? In fact, can any part of Phantom get any cuter?

Let me tell you about what you can't see from these photos. I'll start with his personality. You can't see how he gently nibbles my thumb every time I go to pet him. Or how he takes absolutely any medicine you give him (even the most awful taste, if you put in a syringe, he will take it).

He is so stinkin' polite that he will stand near you and silently beg for scratches without ever getting his stinky-self all up on you. He is so calm and collected that, even in rut, he hardly makes a sound and he isn't nearly as "bucky" as many other bucks I've seen. Let's put it this way, after buying him, I brought him home inside my van in rut, with my young children in the van. I wouldn't do that with most bucks.

So, it's clear that I love him to the moon and back but it's not just me! His previous owner showed him and he won the title of Sr. Buck Reserve Grand Champion at The Mile High Mini Milkers show the summer of 2019. AND his sire (Houdini) is a V show Jr. Champion and his dam (Dolcetta or "Dolly") was a Jr. Champion in CA who has earned her milk star through amazing production!

Phantom is bettering our herd with his impeccable breed character; his long ears, long body, moon spots, great milking lines (generations of milk stars) and amazing personality."
Scientific Data
Date Details/Notes
05/15/2017G6S NORMAL by testing (see DNA)

Updated 10/2/2023