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SASH's Farrah

SOLD 2022

Goat , Mini Nubian , Jr. Doe (female) |F6

TMGR# 302012714AM*, MDGA# MN09679 | DOB: 1/30/2019

Sire: B-52's Scout

SOLD 2021

B-52's Scout

Mini Nubian Buck (male) F6

MDGA# MN06478,& nbsp;TMGR# 302010438 DOB: 5/14/20159 yrs
  | MDGA# MN06478, TMGR# 302010438 | F6
Dam: Sonflower Ranch's Enlighten


Sonflower Ranch's Enlighten

Mini Nubian Doe (female) F5

MDGA# XN03611p* Deceased
  | MDGA# XN03611p* | F5

Bad Alibi's KK Frost Byte

Mini Nubian Buck (male) F3

TMGR# BN000302013814 DOB: 4/18/20213 yrs
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In 2021 Farrah freshened for the first time and averaged between 2.4-2.9 lbs of milk each day.

In 2022 Farrah prematurely delivered at 90 days for an unknown reason. Unfortunately her milk never came in as her body just wasn't ready in any way for this delivery.

Farrah's Kidding History

2022: 1 buck, 1 Doe (P1, P2)
2021: 1 Doe (Halo)

Scientific Data
Date Details/Notes
G6S Normal by parentage (see parent's page)
03/07/2021Height: 22.5" @2-01
Health Records
Date Procedure Details/Notes
6/13/2022Finance - Left the Farm
6:00 AM 
3/5/2022Vaccination - CDT
CDT 2cc (SQ)
5:00 PM 
left shoulder
10:30 AM 
Gestation: 90 Days (1 buck, 1 doe - Both DOA)
6:00 AM 
Bred to Bad Alibi's KK Frost Byte
11/15/2021Disease Testing - CAE (Blood)
None Detected - November 2021 CAE
7/7/2021Other - Tattoo
SUNH L3 (tattooed by Megan Archer)
5/30/2021Disease Testing - CAE (Blood)
Negative (June 2021 Herd CAE & Johnes )
5/30/2021Disease Testing - Johne’s (Fecal)
Negative (June 2021 Johnes Pool )
3/6/2021Delivery - Gestation count
11:46 AM 
156 days as a FF
1 Doe - Halo
2/19/2021Vaccination - CDT
CDT 2cc (SQ)
11:00 AM 
left shoulder
2/19/2021Pregnancy - Selenium
11:00 AM 
2 cc's (right shoulder)
Bred to Sunshine's Akihiro *B

Updated 4/4/2024