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Bad Alibi's AH Halo


Goat , Mini Nubian , Kid (female)

DOB: 3/6/2021

Sire: Sunshine's Akihiro *S/*B

SOLD 2022

Sunshine's Akihiro *S/*B

Mini Nubian Buck (male) F3

MDGA# AMN10494,& nbsp;TMGR# 3020013024AM DOB: 6/5/20194 yrs
Aki is one of our home-grown boys that we are over-the-moon with. His line is packed with milk, udders that are "socked on" and held tightly to the body, as well as great conformation. This buck also has a personality that is to die for (thanks to his dam Lily)! He has a very nice head-set for an F3 with ears that have length and a nose that is becoming more convex with age. His neck is long and blends smoothly into his withers which are higher than his hips creating that uphill stance that w ...
  | MDGA# AMN10494, TMGR# 3020013024AM | F3
Dam: SASH's Farrah

SOLD 2022

SASH's Farrah

Mini Nubian Jr. Doe (female) F6

TMGR# 302012714AM*,& nbsp;MDGA# MN09679 DOB: 1/30/20195 yrs
In 2021 Farrah freshened for the first time and averaged between 2.4-2.9 lbs of milk each day. In 2022 Farrah prematurely delivered at 90 days for an unknown reason. Unfortunately her milk never came in as her body just wasn't ready in any way for this delivery.

Farrah's Kidding History

2022: 1 buck, 1 Doe (P1, P2) 2021: 1 Doe (Halo)
  | TMGR# 302012714AM*, MDGA# MN09679 | F6


Halo was a kid that we retained from our 2021 crop. She immediately had our hearts!

As she grew we fell even more in love with her. There were a few things we wanted to improve on but all in all, she was one that was worth doing that for.

One day prior to her 1 yr birthday we heard a scream coming from the barn. We thought one of our adult does were in labor. I went into the house to gather kidding supplies while Aslyn ran to the barn to assist. When I came into the barn I heard Aslyn scream that it was Halo!

It didn't make any sense and my brain started to get foggy and very disoriented almost while I tried to process how she was in labor when she wasn't bred. It must have been obvious that I needed a minute to decipher between this world my brain was in and reality so my husband ran into the pen where Halo and Aslyn were and he picked Halo up to bring her to an area where we could triage and laid her down.

He asked if I wanted some syrup or molasses water and I vaguely remember saying "yeah, sure". Thinking maybe her blood sugar was low. By the time he ran to the house and brought it back Halo had passed.

We were in complete shock. After calling the vet and discussing possible diagnosis' we decided to drive her body up to CSU to obtain a Necropsy.

After a slew of tests and about a month later we still received no definitive answer , but the "hypothesis is that an acute enteric infection led to disruption of the blood gut barrier and toxemia." - CSU

Regardless we will always miss this sweet girl and our hearts will always have a hole from her absence.
Health Records
Date Procedure Details/Notes
3/5/2022Injury/Illness - Death
Cause of mortality remains uncertain, but my hypothesis is that an acute enteric infection led to disruption of the blood gut barrier and toxemia. - CSU
11/15/2021Disease Testing - CAE (Blood)
None Detected - November 2021 CAE
4/28/2021Other - Tattoo
BA9 N6
3/8/2021Kid Care - Disbudding
11:45 AM | 5.2 lbs 

Updated 10/2/2023