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South-Fork AV Cee Cee

Goat , LaMancha , Sr. Doe (female)

ADGA# L1799321 | DOB: 4/4/2016 (6 yrs)

Sire: SG Kastdemur's AV Avalanche ++B


SG Kastdemur's AV Avalanche ++B

LaMancha Buck (male)

ADGA# L1564364 DOB: 3/26/201111 yrs


We are fortunate enough to have a lot of Avalanche's genetics in our herd. He has made it to the Elite Sire list from 2016-2021 (current day is 2022 - just in case I forget to update). His dam was the 2012 National Champion and his sire's dam held that same title in 2005. Avalanche earned his ++B so he has strong show genetics comprising his makeup but also milk production. South Fork LaManchas has so many good things to say about him that make me pr ...
  | ADGA# L1564364
Dam: SGCH South-Fork BD Celebration 6*M


SGCH South-Fork BD Celebration 6*M

LaMancha Doe (female)

ADGA# L1555005 DOB: 2/22/201111 yrs


  | ADGA# L1555005
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Cee Cee is one of those girls for me, I just adore her. As soon as I enter the barn she is up on the fence giving me the "I know you want to give me cookies" eyes. When I try to instead give her pets, she throws her head back like I am crazy if I think I am going to touch her head (with no cookies). However, once I enter the pen she will follow me anywhere being the sweet girl that I know and love. She watches whatever it is I am working on or doing trying to figure out why her crazy human is doing what she is doing. Cee Cee is a forever doe here, I don't even know how I would feel if she weren't there to greet me!

That being said, she is a brood doe. When she was young she had a surgery which made her incapable of milking. Below is her breeder's explanation of what happened in her life to need this surgery.

"But when her soon to be udder began to develop she had a real hard round spot on one side. I thought precocious and treated her but in a month it had gotten much bigger. So the vet came and said he felt it was staph, the kind that is super contagious and it would be really bad to freshen her and risk exposing the other goats to it when we milk. We have never had anything like that in 30 years, and after losing Taffy I could not bear to loose another doe. So we had a mastectomy done, which was totally successful, and even though she cannot be shown as a milker now her genetics are so proven we can breed her with no issues. We did have a culture done on the lump and it turns out it was not staph, but something called hyperplasia which our vet had never seen before. It would not have been contagious but still it would have ruined that side of her udder so doing the surgery was the best choice." - South Fork LaManchas

Cee Cee's Kidding History

2022: 2 Does
2021: N/A
2020: unknown
2019: 1 buck, 1 doe (Velvet)
2018: 1 buck
Health Records
Date Procedure Details/Notes
4/19/2022Delivery - Gestation count
6:00 AM 
150 Days
3:30 PM 
Bred to Twice
3/19/2021Supplements - Copper
2/23/2021Weight/Body Score
115 lbs 
12/22/2020Disease Testing - Johne’s (Fecal)
Not Detected
12/22/2020Disease Testing - Johne’s (Blood)
12/22/2020Disease Testing - CAE (Blood)
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Retaining all does
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Updated 1/24/2023