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Sunshine's Akihiro *S/*B

SOLD 2022

Goat , Mini Nubian , Buck (male) |F3

MDGA# AMN10494, TMGR# 3020013024AM | DOB: 6/5/2019

Sire: Green Gables Thunder Struck *B

SOLD 2019

Green Gables Thunder Struck *B

Mini Nubian Buck (male) F3

MDGA# AMN07256 DOB: 5/28/20176 yrs
Thunder earned his star from his parents. His dam earned her star from butterfat content alone! We retained so many of his kids that we decided to let him move on and help other herds so in 2019 he moved to Blessed Quiver Farm
  | MDGA# AMN07256 | F3
Dam: Bit O’ Bliss G Easter Lily *P *D


Bit O’ Bliss G Easter Lily *P *D

Mini Nubian Doe (female) F2

MDGA# XN05540,& nbsp;TMGR# DN000302011679 Deceased
Lily came to us in milk from GTO Ranch after having her first freshening. This kidding produced 1 buck (Starbuck). That year we participated in the 1-Day style milk testing where Lily produced 6.75 pounds of milk, and 4.67% of butterfat in a 24 hour period at only 57 days fresh! This gave her 75.62 points on the 1-Day scoring system which allowed her to earn her production star at both MDGA and TMGR!

Photos ...

  | MDGA# XN05540, TMGR# DN000302011679 | F2
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Aki is one of our home-grown boys that we are over-the-moon with. His line is packed with milk, udders that are "socked on" and held tightly to the body, as well as great conformation. This buck also has a personality that is to die for (thanks to his dam Lily)!

He has a very nice head-set for an F3 with ears that have length and a nose that is becoming more convex with age. His neck is long and blends smoothly into his withers which are higher than his hips creating that uphill stance that we are all looking for. These hips have a good angle measuring at approx. 30 degrees.

Aki really starts to shine when looking at his rear angulation and his beautiful leg set is thanks to his strong pasterns!

I would like to improve on the crispness of his brisket but that would be the biggest improvement to this otherwise stunning buck!

His littermate, Maggie has a beautiful udder and I encourage you to check it out as it is likely the udders that Aki could potentially throw.

Aki's sire Thunder Struck has proven to have highly genetic udder traits so far with 4/5 of his daughters who have freshened having very similar udder traits.
Scientific Data
Date Details/Notes
G6S Normal by parentage
06/05/2019Birth Weight: 4 lbs, 1 oz
Health Records
Date Procedure Details/Notes
11/15/2021Disease Testing - CAE (Blood)
None Detected - November 2021 CAE
8:00 AM 
Bred to Gia
4:00 PM 
Bred to Cowgirl (1 doe, 2 bucks)
6:00 AM 
Bred to Skye (1 buck)
6/7/2021Other - Tattoo
5/30/2021Disease Testing - CAE (Blood)
Negative (June 2021 Herd CAE & Johnes )
5/30/2021Disease Testing - Johne’s (Fecal)
Negative (June 2021 Johnes Pool )
Bred to GTO Ranch Jet (2 Bucks)
Bred to Kingdom Acres VM Annie Oakley (1 Buck)
Bred to SASH's Farrah (1 Doe)

Updated 10/2/2023