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Bad Alibi's AH Tobias

SOLD 2021

Goat , Mini Nubian , Kid Wether (male)

DOB: 5/31/2021

Sire: Sunshine's Akihiro *S/*B

SOLD 2022

Sunshine's Akihiro *S/*B

Mini Nubian Buck (male) F3

MDGA# AMN10494,& nbsp;TMGR# 3020013024AM DOB: 6/5/20195 yrs
Aki is one of our home-grown boys that we are over-the-moon with. His line is packed with milk, udders that are "socked on" and held tightly to the body, as well as great conformation. This buck also has a personality that is to die for (thanks to his dam Lily)! He has a very nice head-set for an F3 with ears that have length and a nose that is becoming more convex with age. His neck is long and blends smoothly into his withers which are higher than his hips creating that uphill stance that w ...
  | MDGA# AMN10494, TMGR# 3020013024AM | F3
Dam: Kingdom Acres VM Annie Oakley 2*D

Sold 2021

Kingdom Acres VM Annie Oakley 2*D

Mini Nubian Jr. Doe (female) F2

TMGR# 302011684,& nbsp;MDGA# XN07013 DOB: 2/21/20177 yrs

Photos of Oakley's udder progression

Oakley's Kidding History

2019: 1 Doe (Feliz) 2020: N/A 2021: 1 buck (Tobias)
  | TMGR# 302011684, MDGA# XN07013 | F2
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Health Records
Date Procedure Details/Notes
11/12/2021Finance - Left the Farm
6:00 AM 
11/12/2021Exam/Test - CVI
6:00 AM 
9/16/2021Kid Care - Banded
6/6/2021Kid Care - Disbudding

Updated 10/2/2023