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2019 Kids

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
SASH's Hercules Buck (male) F6; Blue Eyes
SASH's Obsidian Dry Yearling (female)
SASH's Harley Wether (male)
SASH's Thor Kid (male)
Sunshine's A. C. Slater Kid (male) Deceased at new home of UC
SASH's Skye First Freshener (female)
SASH's Farrah Jr. Doe (female) F6
SASH's Flashee Jackee Kid (female)
Sunshine's Thunder Kid Wether (male)
Sunshine's Lightning Kid Wether (male)
Sunshine's Miles Wether (male)
Sunshine's Rogue Buck (male) F7 (Purebred)
Sunshine's Jr. Wether (male)
Sunshine's Echo Doe (female)
SASH'S Willow Kid (female)
SASH'S Maverick Kid (male)
Sunshine's Destiny Doe (female) polled
Sunshine's Delilah Kid (female)
Sunshine's ESS (DOA) Kid (male)
Sunshine's Zach Kid Wether (male) F7; Blue Eyes
Sunshine's Cody Kid Wether (male) F7; Blue Eyes
Sunshine's Blair Jr. Doe (female) F7; blue eyes
Sunshine's Memphis Jr. Doe (female) F6; blue eyes
Sunshine's Piper Kid (female)
SASH's Ryker *B Kid (male)
Sunshine's Mask of Zorro Buck (male) F3 (American)
Sunshine's Rio First Freshener (female)
SASH'S Stevie Kid (female)
Sunshine's Lakota First Freshener (female) F2
Sunshine's Cash *B Buck (male) F2; Blue Eyes
SASH's Cyndi Kid (female)
Sunshine's Anastasia Jr. Doe (female) F4
Sunshine's Dixie Kid (female)
Sunshine's Patches Kid (female)
Sunshine's Harper Doe (female) F4
Sunshine's Cinnamon Kid (female)
Sunshine's Cowgirl First Freshener (female)
Sunshine's Cowboy Buck (male) F1
Sunshine's Sunflower Doe (female) F4
Sunshine's Orion Kid (male)
Sunshine's Akihiro *S/*B Buck (male) F3
Sunshine's Daisy Duke Kid (female) Waddles
Sunshine's Magnolia Jr. Doe (female) F3