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Bad Alibi's LS Phineas

SOLD 2021

Goat , Mini Nubian , Kid Wether (male)

TMGR# WN000302013335 | DOB: 3/3/2021

Sire: BCF Legacy's RRBB Lord Sebastian


BCF Legacy's RRBB Lord Sebastian

Mini Nubian Buck (male) F2

MDGA# XN11141,& nbsp;TMGR# BN000302013025 DOB: 2/12/20204 yrs
  | MDGA# XN11141, TMGR# BN000302013025 | F2
Dam: Sunshine's Lakota

SOLD 2021

Sunshine's Lakota

Mini Nubian First Freshener (female) F2

TMGR# 302012718,& nbsp;MDGA# XN10352 DOB: 4/11/20195 yrs

  | TMGR# 302012718, MDGA# XN10352 | F2
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Health Records
Date Procedure Details/Notes
11/15/2021Disease Testing - CAE (Blood)
None Detected - November 2021 CAE - His name on this sheet was "Mal"
6/22/2021Finance - Left the Farm
5/5/2021Kid Care - Banded
12:30 PM 
4/28/2021Other - Tattoo
BA9 N5
Sulfadimethoxine 1cc (Oral)
Sulfadimethoxine 1cc (Oral)
Sulfadimethoxine 1cc (Oral)
4/19/2021Injury/Illness - Coccidia
Sulfadimethoxine 1cc (Oral)
4/18/2021Injury/Illness - Coccidia
Sulfadimethoxine 2cc (Oral)
4/10/2021Injury/Illness - Enterotoxemia
Penicillin 1cc (SQ)
5:40 PM 
4/9/2021Injury/Illness - Enterotoxemia
Penicillin 1cc (SQ)
5:40 PM 
4/9/2021Vaccination - CDT
CDT 2cc (SQ)
10:30 AM 
left shoulder
4/8/2021Injury/Illness - Enterotoxemia
Fortified Vitamin B Complex 5cc (SQ)
5:40 PM 
4/8/2021Injury/Illness - Enterotoxemia
Penicillin 1cc (SQ)
5:40 PM 
3/8/2021Kid Care - Disbudding
5:00 PM | 7 lbs 

Updated 10/2/2023